Facebook Page Optimization for Places

☐Set Profile Picture

☐Set Timeline Cover

☐Enter Physical Location / Map Setup

☐ Set Business Hours

☐ Choose Business Category

☐ Set Facebook Username

☐ Enter Short Business Description

☐ Create Content That Features Business Services

☐ Enable “Show Map & Check-Ins On Page”

☐ Offline Signage Present To Drive Check-ins

Place Tips Configuration

☐Client Facebook Page Is Optimized

☐ Content Is Updated, And Optimized For Sharing

☐ At Least One Event Is Scheduled Per Month

☐ Enter Wi-Fi Ssid Broadcast Name (Settings > Place Tips)

☐ Add A Custom Welcome Note (Settings > Place Tips)

Facebook Offer Configuration

☐ Create Offer From Page

☐ Enter Url Of Landing Page To Claim Offer

☐ Choose An Offer Expiration Date

☐ Include A Coupon Code

☐ Set Terms, Conditions, Or Limits

☐ Boost Offer